Zeta Research was founded in 2002 as statistical consultancy. It has developed projects and scientific brokerage studies for research and promotions following the requests of the market.
In 2011 Zeta Research is self-certified as Contract Research Organization (CRO) at the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) for the data management and statistical analysis of the drug interventional clinical trials (DM 15 november 2011).
For over a decade Zeta Research has been working in the field of research; gaining know-hows and figuring out know-whys.


Zeta Research's main purpose is to give market support to the enterprises in study management. All studies share the same denominator: scientific thinking and methods, which are applied to all fields in order to provide customers not only with solutions specifically forged as per their requests, but at the same time, to give them sound data that can be shared and used as strong evidence to build future steps.


Zeta Research's certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System includes standard operating procedures covering design and provision of services of scientific, technical, and statistical consultacy, and research in medical, clinical, nutritional, and consumer sectors.