Zeta Research has evolved during the last years, merging strong evidence-based roots with the most advanced market research techniques, in order to provide our clients with the best possible knowledge.

- CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview);

- CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing);
- Postal or face-to-face interviews;
- SMS system;
- Web solutions;
- Touch System and scale-up;
- Wider services, including focus group and preparatory researches.

H4W (How - Who? What? When? Why?) and Z-intercept
H4W and Z-Intercept are integrated techiniques, developed by Zeta Research to better understand consumers and their thoughts.
H4W allows you to follow the consumer in his daily consumption habits/usage of a product, therefore helping you to understand the role of a product in everydaylife and the possibilities for purchasing a product in the future.
Z-intercept is a method of data collection using the most powerful technique of research: in-person interviews with visitors or customers regarding their experience with a product or service.

Sensory evaluation
Sensory evaluation is a cutting-edge statistical analysis, using statistics for sensory evaluation and Bayesian networks, and will give the deepest insights for figuring out remote connections and product features that are not otherwise easily recognizable.

PsychoBioLab Methods
PsychoBioLab is equipped by four high-resolution video-cameras synchronized for a 360° shot in an environment of unidirectional mirrors, which allow a complete separation of the subject being studied from an operator. The valued subject is normally exposed to a series of stimuli that depends on the needs of the consigner and is monitored by a series of physiological-psychological and behavioral parameters, including the subject emotional asset.